sâmbătă, 4 iunie 2011

And I'm here waiting for someone who can care. For someone who can really, truly, obviously care. Who can be brave enough to say: " I love you. Because you're indecisive. And weird. And bittersweet. Because you don't like honey. And because you really love chocolate. Because of your sad and sweet smile. Because of your blue eyes and because you're annoying. I love you. For all those things. Because you're imaginative. And not really talkative. And addictive. Really addictive. And addicted, too. Sometimes. Because you have a soul. And because that soul is truly a soul. Because you keep that doll that your first love gave you. And because you don't have a picture of your mother, but you made her stay in your heart forever and ever. Because you're really jealous. And really possesive. And old-fashioned in such a cute way. Because you wronged your time. You're so eighteen century. Because you love mistery, but you're such a romantic one. I love you. For your sarcasm. And for your childlike short hair. And for your personal type of talking. So, if that speech means something to you, be brave and love me back." I really need someone like that.

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zambet :) ....Ana spunea...

ce frumos ... :(

as vrea sa te intreb ceva , desi sper sa ...hm...sa nu te deranjeze : ce varsta ai ? pentru ca scrii admirabil de bine , esti foarte talentata :):*

Carmine spunea...

Am cincisprezece ani, impliniti la finalul lui martie. Nu ma deranjeaza intrebarile, poti pune oricate:*

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